Sunday, July 6, 2008

Crafting on the walls!!

Check out Karen's blog for a chance to win some blog candy until tomorrow. It's always so great to find a new place for inspiration and whatnot. She's even got some great links off of hers!

I have just finished doing Sarah's room (she's 13yo) as part of my crafty week and it turned out so great!! Horticulture green over 3 walls with lime green on the 4th and argyle in Deep Carnation. I also went to Benjamin Moore and bought these fabulous wall-pops and then Kristin suggested running them through my cricut and doing words...check out what I did!! Sarah is so thrilled and so am I! Thanks Kristin for the help and then for the great suggestions. I used the Home Accents and used Inspire, Live Love Laugh and Grow. The inspire and grow came with their own flourishes.

I also used the decorative pages and cut them into diamonds, using them randomly around the room.

NOTE: I had to take the pops off of the backing and onto an old-not-so-sticky-mat for the cricut, otherwise they slid everywhere.

It's been a long time since I posted on my craft blog. I've been so busy making things and then not taking pictures of them, so I'll tell you about them! I made very cool acrylic paint buckets for the teachers this year, sort of care packages for the summer. A bottle of wine, a couple of little books (you know "Stories, Jokes and Anicdotes", recipe books, travel mags), some homemade cards, a box of chocolates and a starbucks card. They were amazing, and the teachers were amazed! It always helps when they're amazed!!

There was Father's Day where I made my Dad the wallet card and put in a couple of Tim Hortons cards. He liked it alright.
That's it for now!! Happy Crafting!!


Canadian Kristin said...

Oh Diane, FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! LOVE the printed diamonds and the Cricut-ed words.......sooooooo awesome!!!

Sarah......YAY FOR did you sleep in such a rockin' awesome room?!?!?!?

Angela McKay, Stampin' Up Demonstrator said...

It looks amazing Diane! Any chance you want to come and do my scrap room??????