Monday, May 5, 2008

National Scrapbook Day!

Saturday May 3rd was NSD...what fun I had! Jenn Lang and I (with Kristin in spirit) scrap-store hopped! We met at 7:30am and travelled across the border to Bellingham. We went to 5 stores and did 2 of them twice!! We finished by coming back across the border at 1:00pm! What a fun day!! (A buggy was even required at the second store!!)

THEN..... the Langs joined the Stewarts at home for a perfect dinner of appy's and while the boys set off for the movies, the girls organized, cleaned, tidied and just generally got ready, the crafting/scrapping room!! This is what is looks like all finished!


The Lang 6 said...

What a great day! I wish I was there... Wait a Minute!!!... I WAS!

You room looks 'scraptacular'. (That's one of my new favorite words, along with two other words that have 'crap' in them, Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.)


Canadian Kristin said...

SO FUN!!!!!!!!! Next year we are planning NSD on our calendars and we are making a PARTY DAY OF IT!!!!!
Love the new scraproom! crack me up!

Robyn said...

Looks like you had a super fun day!! Way to go!!